Arthur Leung

Contributor, Guest Editor and Associate Editor

Arthur reads “The Argument”, a poem by Tammy Ho, published in Poeticdiversity:

Arthur Leung holds an MFA in creative writing (with distinction) from the University of Hong Kong. His poems have been widely published in print magazines, anthologies and online journals. He is a regular performer of his poetry, having been featured in the Hong Kong Literature Festival, Hong Kong International Literary Festival and invited to give lecture demonstrations in schools. He has also been invited to participate in “Art Talents Pop Up! Poemography Exp.” as a contributing poet, and in Hong Kong Baptist University’s International Writers Workshop as a local writer. Leung serves as an Associate Editor for Cha and is on the international editorial board of Yuan Yang. He was a winner of the 2008 Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition. In 2009, Leung was commended by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR government for his outstanding artistic accomplishments.


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