Reid Mitchell

Contributor, Guest Editor, Guest Tea Taster, and Contest Judge

Reid reads “Caught in the Flood”, a villanelle co-written with Tammy Ho and published in Qarrtsiluni:

Reid Mitchell, a New Orleanian who has previously taught in New Orleans, Princeton, Berkeley and Budapest, will teach in Sun Yat Sen University’s Creative Writing Programme next academic year. He has an MFA from Warren Wilson College and is completing a post-MFA poetry course through City University of Hong Kong. His poetry can be found in Cha, In Posse, Asia Literary Review, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Softblow and elsewhere. He has also published a number of literary dialogues (with Tammy Ho Lai-Ming) and academic works of history. His novel A Man Under Authority was published by Turtle Point Press and he is writing a memoir of teaching in China. 


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