W.F. Lantry

Contributor and Guest Tea Taster 

W.F. Lantry [website], a native of San Diego, received his Maîtrise from L’Université de Nice, M.A. in English from Boston University and PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston. In 2010 he won the Lindberg Foundation International Poetry for Peace Prize (in Israel), the Crucible Editors’ Poetry Prize, the CutBank Patricia Goedicke Prize, and the National Hackney Literary Award in Poetry. In 2011 the Atlanta Review awarded him its International Publication Prize. His work has appeared in The Tower Journal, protestpoems.org, Spilling Ink Review, Now Culture, Gulf Coast and Aesthetica. His recently published chapbook, The Language of Birds (Finishing Line Press 2011), is a lyric retelling of Attar’s The Conference of the Birds. He currently works in Washington, DC, and is a contributing editor of Umbrella: A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose.


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