Vineet Kaul

Contributor and Guest Tea Taster 

Droning in the aesthetic purgatory between consciousness and seizure, Troubadour walks the thin line between what could be as much of an Ah-hah moment as a Blah-Blah experience. His visions are single-minded soliloquies of a triumph, usually about or over nothing.

Always scavenging for the granular visions trapped between volition and void, Vineet Kaul [website] is quasi- hedonist. He writes in spasms triggered by verbal jocularity and persnickety fixations that sometimes surprise him with their epiphanies.

Troubadour Kaul is a collaboration project between the two Indians exploring poetry, travelogues, prose, photography and music. Their poetry has appeared in Asia Writes, Short Fast and Deadly, The Scarlet Sound, Nether Magazine, Fleeting, Loch Raven Review, Subliminal Interiors and others. Despite being a Best of the Net nominee, Winner of the Asian Age Poetry Contest, Best Short Writing in the World finalist, their ranking in the Indian arranged-marriage-market remains dismal.

While Vineet Kaul rents out his vocabulary to his partner-in-rhyme, the Troubadour brings his imagination to the table. Neither of them, however, is bringing any bread to the table. Maybe that is what happens when you collaborate with your alter-ego. Always looking to collaborate with other artists. Contact:


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