Michael Gray

michael gray

Contributor and Guest Editor

Michael Gray holds an MFA from California State University-Fresno and won a 2012 AWP Intro Journals Project Award and the 2013 Hot Street Emerging Writers Contest in Poetry, and received a 2014 Best New Poets nomination, among other honors. He also served as an editorial assistant for The Normal School: A Literary Magazine. Work appears most recently in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and Hot Street and is forthcoming in Fence, The Lit Pub, and theNewerYork. His translations of Yau Ching appear in Shadow Beings (XXX Zines, 2014). He is working on a full-length collection of poetry.


  • Issue #17 (June 2012): Resurfacing a Football Pitch, Shanghai [Read]
  • Issue #18 (September 2012): Letter to Queen Victoria from the People of Hong Kong, 2012 [Read]
  • Issue #22 (December 2013): Imprisonment in the Wooden Building [Read]
  • Issue #24 (June 2014): Guest Poetry Editor [Read]
  • Issue #27 (March 2015): Lament [Read]
  • Issue #35 (March 2017): Guest Prose Editor [forthcoming]